11/22/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 22. November 2014 19:56

Tip #2 as to how you can avoid a weight gain during Thanksgiving.  Limit your starch, meat, and fat intake during the day.  Double up on veggies throughout the day.  Make sure all your meals do not contain fat.  What I mean is, don't add Spray butter, margarine, low-fat dressing, nuts, 2 tsp. of peanut butter, olives, etc. to get in your 3 fats for the day.  Trust me, your Thanksgiving meal will have so much added fat it will be all you need for the day.  Just having a glass of wine is 2 fats!  Did you know low-fat cream cheese or sour cream are also considered fats?!  Here's what I plan on having for breakfast and lunch on the big turkey day because it's low in starch and fat:  1/4 cup break-free egg (1 meat), 100 calorie Bagel Thin (and my normal milk and fruit), lunch will be 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (2 meats) and 2 slices of 40 calorie bread (1 starch).  No fat is considered in these foods.  That leaves me 3 oz. of turkey for dinner, tablespoon of stuffing, tablespoon of sweet potatoes (which will count for probably at least one fat and 1-2 starches), tons of salad with fat-free dressing!, and my fat-free crustless pumpkin pie will be a starch as well.  It's all about planning and portion control.  You can do it without expanding your pant size!

Breakfast -

 JC Cheesy Omelet 


1 cup coffee with 2 tsp. fat-free creamer

Snack -

JC Anytime Bar

Lunch -

JC Cheeseburger


Snack -


Dinner -

JC Chicken Fettucine  

Asparagus with 1 tbsp. margarine

Snack -

JC Popcorn

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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