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by Dr. Charles Bell 29. August 2014 09:46

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12. Dieting:

Vitamins and nutrients are essential not only for your overall wellness, but also your oral health. Restrictive diets and or poor diet can deprive you of the vitamins and nutrients necessary for a great smile.

Halpern states "Poor nutrition can affect your entire immune system, increasing your susceptibility to many disorders and infections, including periodontal disease."

It is important to get enough folate, B vitamins, protein, calcium and vitamin C. These are viewed as essential for healthy teeth and gums.

13. Hot Drinks:

Ironically I am currently having my second cup of Joe this morning as I write this blog! This habit is one reason why our smiles can look a little dingy at times.

Halpern says "Black tea and coffee contain stain-promoting tannins that lodge into the pits and grooves of the tooth enamel, producing a rough, stained surface, which is sticky an can retain decay-producing bacteria."

Perle adds that we should consume these beverages in moderation, drink more water and add a little milk to your coffee or tea to help neutralize these acids. Not good news for us who like their coffee black.

I would also encourage brushing as soon as possible after drinking coffee or tea. I usually have a cup while driving to work and then brush soon after arriving. Once you try brushing immediately after your coffee and see how brown your toothbrush is, you will be very motivated to follow through consistently to keep that smile brighter.

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