06/15/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 13. June 2014 10:14

It is somewhat controversial whether children should participate in muscle training. Some people have concern that it will stunt a child’s growth. There is not reliable proof that this is a fact.

There is concern about injury and that can be true,  if correct form isn’t used. However,  this is true for any age. Proper form not only avoids injury, but it will re-shape the muscle quicker and more effectively.

The positive aspect is that proper stretching, cardio, and appropriate strength training for youths can reduce the risks of sports injury by protecting joints and tendons and can help build bone density (which is a concern since youths drink more soda and less milk). It will also help prevent childhood type 2 Diabetes which is on the rise because children are more sedentary due to extended tv watching and video game playing taking the place of 'playing outside'.

 Be smart and realize that your choices for your kids have long-term effects for their health.  Be a good role model and get involved in clean eating and exercise together!

 Sunday- 06/12/11- Exercise Diary:


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