7/14/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Wednesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 14. July 2013 19:30

Don't people know that if you're not 100% sure someone's pregnant you do not ask when they're due?! My Mom and I were discussing this last night...how many women are out there that have had someone ask if they're pregnant when they're really not at least once in their lifetime? My Mom and I and were sharing our horror stories. My Mom is actually a very small woman in stature: 5'1" maybe about 120 pounds. However, after she had me she was just never able to get her stomach back to normal. There's always been a slight pouch since she gave birth. Once when she was signing up for a gym membership the trainer asked when she was due. Well, that was it, she was so embarrassed she didn't end up signing and walked right out of the gym never to come back! My first year of teaching at an inner-city school a student asked me if I was pregnant. I was already so self-conscious of my weight and horrified that I ran to my office to call my Mom and cry! It's true, it can be confusing because some women are and some really aren't but it sure is a blow to the self-esteem if you are not. I'm thinking you don't say a word unless you heard it from someone that this person is or you are 100% sure by their body that they are. WEDNESDAY Breakfast - Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich 3/4 cup cantaloupe 1 cup fat-free organic milk Lunch - Spinach and Mushroom Lean Cuisine Carrots Fat-free yogurt Snack - Nectarine Dinner - omelet (1 egg, spinach, tomatoes, light mozzarella) slice of whole wheat toast Snack - 100 calorie pack

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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