4/20/13-Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 21. April 2013 05:33


There are several misconceptions about sugar.  It is a “monster in the closet” to me personally, and to others.  It calls me, especially in the late afternoon when my day hits high gear with the kids and dinner, but my energy is slow.  It tempts me.  Demanding that I stay resolute, but it’s a daily challenge.

There are 8 sources of natural sugars (sucrose, dextrose, turbinado, brown sugar, lactose, honey, stevia and fructose).  You can check their foundation on nutritional websites or books.

There are four synthetic source sweeteners: saccharin (sweet n low), aspartame (Nutrasweet, equal), sugar alcohol (sorbitol) and sucralose (splenda).

There is controversy about which is a healthier choice.  My feeling is that moderation and information is the key.  Know the names of the different types of sugars so that you can look at food ingredient lists and recognize how they can sneak into packaged foods.  If you can reduce the sugar or sweetener amounts that you use, you’ll find the sweetener you do use seems ‘sweeter’ (the same thing happens with salt when you reduce your daily intake of it on a regular basis).  You might find that your taste buds evolve a bit and you can enjoy the natural sweet flavors in whole foods.

Tuesday 4/20/10 Workout- 



recumbent bike- 30 minutes

strength train- triceps

lying overhead dumbbell press- 12 lb

oblique crunch on a stability ball (20 reps)

one arm overhead dumbbell extension- seated 20 lb

prisoner squat

one arm overhead triceps extension- 12 lb

single arm triceps kickback- 10 lb

dumbbell crunch on stability ball- 5 lb

Tuesday 4/20/10 Food Diary:


Organic steel cut oats (150 cal)

1 small banana (90 cal)

1/3 cup egg whites (70 cal)

A.M. Snack

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese (80 cal)

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese ( 55 cal)

3/4 cup mixed berries (40 cal)


4 oz chicken( 187 cal)

salad- 2 cups organic spinach, 1/4 cup garbanzo beans, 1/4 cup broccoli, 1/4 cup beets, 2 tbls edamame(thawed), 1 tbls sunflower seeds (110 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

whole wheat tortilla, 2 tbls boursin cheese (160 cal)


4 oz Salmon (130 cal)

1 cup steamed broccoli (26 cal)

1/2 cup brown rice/peas/ carrots ( 160 cal)


banana(90 cal)




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